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Here is my entry for The Writer’s Voice!  The Scarlet Order is a YA Urban Fantasy.  Hope you enjoy!



Sixteen year old Emma Jackson is telekinetic and desperately trying to control her new ability before she accidentally kills someone.  As if trying to navigate high school and a new relationship with her boyfriend, Conner, isn’t difficult enough already.

Emma and her three cousins find out that they protect an ancient energy as members of The Scarlet Order.  An energy that gives them each an ability.  An energy that means the destruction of the human race if it’s in the wrong hands.  And an energy that the Order’s enemy, the Fallen, must kill to get.

Perfect.  Not only does she have to worry about killing herself with her new ability, but she has to worry about someone wanting to kill her because of it.  Exactly what she needs.

Emma and her family are thrown into a war they never knew existed.  The stakes are high-kill or be killed.  But soon lies start to unfold and threaten to destroy the foundation of trust that Emma has built within her Order family.  Nothing is at it seems and it’s a steep learning curve with dire consequences.  Trust the wrong person and end up dead.

Soon she questions everyone’s motives, including her own.  Suspicions replace trust, secrets replace the truth, and strangers replace family.  She finds comfort in an unexpected place-with the father she thought was dead.  There’s just one problem.  He’s a member of the Fallen.  Torn between her two families, she has to make a choice.  The Order has kept the truth from her.  But the Fallen are keeping secrets of their own.  Secrets that could destroy Emma forever.


First 250 words:


Thump.  Thump.  Thump.

My heart pounds in my ears and muffles everything around me.  I feel vulnerable and exposed with my unreliable hearing.  An owl takes flight across the street, soaring over my head, making me jump with surprise at its unexpected movement.  It hoots above me, but it sounds blocks away.

Alone in the dark.  Perfect time to be deaf.

The hair on the back of my neck pricks up as a chill runs down my spine.  I take a deep breath and hold it before slowly exhaling, trying to calm myself and hear better at the same time.  It doesn’t work.

Someone watches me from the shadows.  I can feel it.  The creepy vibe radiates out of them and hits me full force in the chest as a tingling sensation spreads from my heart out to my arms.

Orange and brown leaves litter the ground.  They crunch underneath my footsteps, making it all the more impossible to hear.  I stop and turn slowly to scan the neighborhood, looking for anything out of the ordinary.  Trees stare back at me and their branches sway slightly in the breeze, tossing shadows up and down the street, making it impossible to distinguish physical object from imaginary evil.  Their skeletal remains look foreboding in the moonlight.  I refocus, trying to slow my erratically beating heart.

Thump.  Th-Thump.  Thump.


My eyes flick to the right, toward the sound.  The crisp night air coupled with the panic that builds inside me causes my lungs to seize.


Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all the finalists!


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